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5 Ways To Keep Your Company’s Data Safe Right Now

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Data breaches and leaks are a relatively new danger to small businesses. There’s rarely a good outcome when something is leaked. If it’s product information, it can result in the competition setting up a counter-punch and diluting your possible sale. Customer information can destroy all goodwill you’ve managed to develop, which can put a hard […]

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Small Business Owners,Want To Keep Your Millennials? Here’s How…

Millennials now comprise most of the workforce. Chances are, if you take a look at your office, the vast majority of people there count among that demographic. In terms of office management, this is a concern. That generation requires a different touch, because they have different desires from the previous demographic. Here are a few […]

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7 Things You Can Do Daily to Keep Your Confidence Up as a Small Business Owner

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Failure might be a learning opportunity, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. As a small business owner, you’re going to fail a lot. Most of those failures won’t impact the company in the long run, but they’ll certainly affect your confidence. While that seems like a small thing, your confidence plays a big part […]

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