At Kaplansky Insurance  we believe our clients are our greatest assets. Here is just some of the feedback that we have received from our customers. We would love to hear from you through our ” Submit A Testimonial” form on the right hand side of the page.

Excellent and consistent customer service.

“They check in with you and are amazingly well informed- if they don’t have an answer, they will help you find the information you need. They are a true example of what “agents” are and are shining examples of excellent and consistent customer service.”

 XM V.

Quick and Smooth

“Have you ever dealt with an agent who throws out numbers at you and is ready to sign you up? Harasses you with emails and phone calls to choose them? Well, that didn’t happen when I communicated with an agent at Kaplansky insurance. I was looking for auto insurance and Chris was able to help me save and I mean SAVE! Now I’m paying less with better coverage!!! The process was quick and smooth”

Christopher P.


“I have been a customer of Kaplansky Insurance for over 20 years and have been very happy with the service they provide. They have always been professional, helpful and courteous. We have used them for our home and automobile insurance and they have always been very responsive. Recently they were able to help my cousin obtain insurance at a much lower rate with better coverage than the quote she received from other agents.  I highly recommend Kaplansky Insurance.”

Roger L.


“Kaplansky has always been great helping me understand, and navigate the insurance world. They take the time to understand what options are available, and then work with me to make sure I completely understand what I’m getting. Even in a world with Google, it’s amazing how much value a dedicated an independent agent can provide.” 

Aaron V. 

Consistently Helpful

“Have had this agency as long as I can remember. They are consistently helpful and provide outstanding customer service. Highly recommend to all.”  

Mike M. 


“I feel like they care about me, it makes me feel they want want my business to succeed and are truly working towards my best interest. I like that.” 

Adam N.