Even if retirement is not your immediate priority, the day will eventually come, and you want to be prepared to leave your agency and employees in great hands while getting the value you deserve.

Let’s Discuss The Possibilities.

Kaplansky Insurance is here to support at every stage of your agency’s life cycle.

Our professionals will work with you in a manner that is completely confidential. If you are interested in discussing the sale of your business, simply fill out our quick contact form, email ekaplansky@kaplansky.com or call (781)453-2552.

A Message From The President & CEO

Complete confidentiality is a cornerstone of the acquisition process at Kaplansky Insurance. This is a promise I make to you personally. Ely Kaplansky, President & CEO

Acquisition Testimonials 

“Ely’s wisdom and insight are invaluable to any owner or leader looking to optimize their agency for maximum return –in any   sale.”

“When I was informed our agency was sold I was nervously excited anticipating the upcoming changes. Day one I immediately felt part of the Kaplansky family while processing through the acquisition. Kaplansky staff members prioritized my onboarding experience providing constant guidance facilitating a smooth and easy transition.

“Initially I was apprehensive about the transition to Kaplansky Insurance. I had been working at the same, family owned agency for 30 years. I am happy to say that the change has been very beneficial. There are many more resources available to me now. We have access to the best insurance companies so now I am confident that I am offering our clients the best value and coverage available on the market.”